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All products are handmade in mother Egypt from genuine papyrus reeds.

Our shop contains extensive items of papyrus products. We sell blank papers, papyrus paintings, calendars, boats and bookmarks. As you will notice we try to maintain our sale prices & special offers at highly competitive range while at same time preserve the guaranteed quality. Wholesale buyers will be more than happy to deal with us.

While buying these precious papyrus products you must take extra care to insure you have got what you pay for. Some shops selling fake papyrus known as banana paper. These are not the same as original papyrus. Buyers take care. Before decided to buy from a certain shop, Make sure you have got a papyrus certificate from its original producer.

Papyrus Wholesale:  As a producer of genuine papyrus sheets, We are able to offer wholesale orders at very competitive price. Click here for more details about papyrus wholesale.

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Papyrus Painting of God Khepri - (20X30 cm)


Papyrus Painting of God Khepri

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Mouse Pad


Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Mouse Pad

Eye of Horus (Wedjat eye) Papyrus - (30X40 cm)


Eye of Horus (Wedjat eye) Papyrus

Winged Goddess Ma’at - (30X40 cm)


Winged Goddess Ma’at

Light blank sheet 20 x 30 cm (7.9 x 11.8 ")


Dark blank sheet 30 x 40 cm (11.8 x 15.7 ")


Blank sheets are suitable for custom paintings. These plain papyruses are classified in two categories, light sheets & dark sheets. You should choose the blank color that is more suitable for your paintings. If you are uncertain, then you should know that we have noticed that customers buy light sheets more than dark ones. Blank papers have different sizes. You can see all blank variations here.

Papyrus paintings are beautiful colored paintings on quality blank sheets. With every paper you purchase, you will get a certificate from the original producer that this paper is made by the same material and with the same methods used by ancient Egyptians.

Our store contains many other papyrus products that you may be interested to buy like boats (which are handmade made from papyrus reeds), calendars and bookmarks.

If you are willing to purchase more than 100 papers or papyrus products, or your order exceeds $1000 then you may want to contact one of our store sales representatives to see our current wholesale offers.

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